Located in the Apuan Alps of Northern Tuscany, Villa Rosmarino sits on the edge of a valley overlooking the rugged peaks of Pizzo Dโ€™Uccello and the wild forests of the Apuan National Park which stretch for miles in every direction from the villa.

Our retreats have at the core of them the intention to provide a nurturing space to enable guests to reconnect with themselves and others, nourish their bodies with the most delicious plant based food, be immersed in nature, to leave with a profound sense of wellness.

A place for peace, to take a break
from our busy lives, to retreatโ€ฆ

Previously owned by the botanist David Bellamy and his family, the villa is surrounded by nature from the birdsong and crickets chirping in the morning to the dancing lights of the fireflies at dusk.ย 

It seems fitting that what was their holiday home evolves into a place for others to take time to experience and enjoy the connection with the natural world around.

Built in 1850, the traditional Tuscan stone house, transcends you to a place of Italian character and charm, allowing its visitors to connect with nature all around.ย  With mountain hikes from the door step, shady spots to sit and reflect in the ancient olive grove and jaw dropping views from every room as well as from the swimming pool which sits above the small vineyard.

Mindful of this very special place surrounded by nature, the retreats are organised with everything sourced as locally and sustainably as possible.

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