Jules, a mum of four, lives with her family in Oxfordshire. Following a breast cancer diagnosis in 2019 she decided to make some significant life changes including selling her business, moving to the countryside and slowing life down.  Post covid times and ready for a new venture she found Villa Rosmarino and felt immediately it was a perfect place to host retreats.  Combining her love of yoga and the peaceful remoteness of Rosmarino in the Apuan Alps, Rosmarino Retreats was created.

“Taking time out from our busy lives, not to escape but to pause and take time to reconnect not only to yourself but to others is so important.  I think we’re all becoming more aware of lifestyle choices and the importance of living as genuine a life we can.  Our retreats have at the core of them the intention to provide a nurturing space to enable guests to reconnect with themselves and others, nourish their bodies with the most delicious plant based food, be immersed in nature, to leave with a profound sense of wellness.”

Our yoga teachers

Claire Hickson

Claire, based in Oxfordshire, is a Vinyasa yoga teacher, energy healer, poet and author, dedicated to creating a healing space for her students to show up and connect on a deeper level. Passionate about the energetics of yoga, meditation and breathwork, she takes her students on a journey of releasing and shifting energy and emotions from the body to clear space and make room for their true spirit to shine through.

Poetry is her creative outlet, and she has just released her first book “In Light’ which charts 49 soul guiding poems to celebrate her 49th year.

Claire finds hosting retreats in the UK and abroad are a fantastic opportunity for her to create a longer period of time to work with people on a deeper level, to make meaningful change and facilitate growth through the various modalities she teaches.  Her retreat at Villa Rosmarino promises to be very special!

Julie Dixon

Julie lives in Hong Kong.  She’s a keen runner (with 10 half marathons under her belt), mum to 2 (now adult) children and an all-round gorgeous human.  Her yoga journey began with a 250hr Yoga Teacher Training course via the world accredited Yoga Alliance over 15 years ago. Since then, she’s further developed her teaching skills completing 300hrs in YIN/TCM training in India. 

Recognising the ever-increasing demand for a more holistic approach to wellness, Julie recently completed an MBSR (Mindful based Stress Reduction) and a CEMB (Cultivating Mental and Emotional Balance) course.  Continuously learning, she is currently studying Women’s Health using Yoga to maintain Hormonal Balance and Lymphatics.

She runs regular classes as well as day retreats in Hong Kong and we can’t wait to welcome her to Italy to run a very memorable retreat for us in 2024.